Free WiFi

by Sandra

I was just complaining to my mom that airports don’t have free wireless access.  Okay, I stand corrected, as I sit here writing this from gate C7 of PDX, waiting to go back to Los Angeles.  When I checked in, I was supposed to sit in seat 7B — pretty close to the front of the plane, but a “friendly” ticket agent asked if I’d prefer to sit in the window seat of the exit row, row 13.  I agreed, but I always get a bit antsy when these sorts of things happen, figuring I’ll finally need to actually use the emergency exit so I might as well sit in the exit row.  Now that I’m sitting at the gate, I see that most of my travel companions are the members of some college football team, so maybe the seat move was a saving grace.  Still, if this is my offing, please don’t fight over my crap, just give it away to someone who needs it.

I need to go so I can drink my chai before the plane boards…