Someone stop me if you’ve heard this before.

by Sandra

I temped today for a local campaign initiative in preparation for the November elections. I stuffed envelopes for three-and-a-half hours and ate an onion bagel. I was stuffing with various twenty-somethings, notably a guy who looked like an young, intellectual Ethan Hawke. Think Ethan Hawke in Dead Poets Society, then imagine that character after he graduated college. Hot.

Anyway, during those three-plus hours, four people — FOUR — looked at the tableful of envelopes, letters and bumper stickers and snickered. “You know what this reminds me of? That Seinfeld epidsode where Susan dies from licking the toxic envelopes of her wedding invitations.”


I never really got into Seinfeld. I was like a year-or-two too young when it first came out to really “get” it. I may have watched an episode or two in reruns, but I’m not an enthusiast. I guess I knew the show had creeped into the national zeitgeist — there’s even a Wikipedia page about that episode — but I never would have imagined that an episode about toxic adhesive would cause an entire roomful of adults to see something so specifically, through a pair of dark-humored lenses.

I’ve clearly underestimated the power of television. And Larry David’s comedic skills.