Something to Blog About

by Sandra

Judging by the blog stats lately, apparently one has to create one’s own momentum in this arena for anyone else to notice. Well the tornado has landed me back home and I’ve got a few days to rest — and write.

As I mentioned, I’ve been working for a Hong Kong-based distribution company at the American Film Market last week. Sales is a sector of the film industry that I’ve not been exposed to as yet, so it’s interesting to keep my ears open, listening for little bits of English in the midst of Mandarian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, French, Portuguese. It’s not hard work, but it’s long hours cooped up in a hotel room. When I got home last Monday night after spending five-plus hours afixing address labels to the backs of one-sheets, Clee joked that I finally got a taste of the “Chinese work ethic.” She was kidding, kinda, but through the experience, I did glimpse an element that helps make up who she is — sacrificing sleep and social life and sanity to get something which she deems important done. Not that the Chinese corner the market on efficiency, but anything that futhers roommate understand is a good thing. “There, you’ll have something to blog about,” Clee intoned at one point.
Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed the Market. I love staring out onto the pool area as it turns into a buzzing hive of buyers and sellers, charm turned to eleven, a flick of a wrist and glance of an eye as people manuever for the best deal, the hottest property — all a game. Cigarette breaks, coffee breaks, beers in hand as it gets later in the day, Blackberries and mobile phones attached to ears, millions of dollars and British pounds sterling and Euros and Yen exchange hands. Those who love the environment thrive, oblivious to the grand Pacific Ocean crashing on the beach behind their heads.

My charges depart on Tuesday. They will leave me with that familiar wanderlust, the feeling that my life is not going to be contained within the confines of these contiguous 48 forever. The distinctly international flavor of the past few days has further fanned my excitment for life overseas. I don’t yet know the shape and color of the excursion, but I’ve got an inkling in my bones that something’s on the horizon.