family is hard

by Sandra

I was once told of a very wise piece of advice whilst dealing with electronic communication.  It’s an acronym:  H.A.L.T., which stands for “hungry, angry, lonely, tired.”  As in — it’s best not to engage in any kind of emailing or blogging when one is hungry, angry, lonely or tired.

In light of that wisdom, this post will be brief, as I currently embody three of those things, soon to be verging on all four.

My mom and brother were in town for the better part of this week to share in the Thanksgiving festivities.  Our time was relatively peaceful, but I will come away saying that family is hard, as if that should come as a surprise to anyone.  I don’t know what makes communication so difficult between family members, but I do know that it’s a universal thing, as family issues have come up in conversations I’ve had with several friends over the past few weeks.  My family is no exception.

Perhaps I’ll say more when I’ve had a sleep, had a bite to eat, calmed down a bit, and have gotten a bit of perspective over the past few days.