by Sandra

I got my eyebrows done yesterday.  This is but the second time ever I’ve gotten them done in my life, the first time being during my big Hollywood internship and one of the executive assistants thought it would be fun to pluck my brows as we watched “I Love the 80s” on VH1.    Rebecca had actually done a pretty good job, but even her less-than-subtle prodding never motivated me enough to actually make a trip to the salon a regular habit.

That was until last summer, when Erik and I traveled to Prague, and Hanka, who spent the entire weekend threatening to chase me around with a pair of tweezers asked me several times “why are you hiding behind those brows?” I had never thought about it that way, that I may perhaps have been hiding beneath a heavy and unassuming brow, but after a while it made sense, since so much of my life has/had revolved around hiding myself from view.  I internalized a lot of what she had to say to me over those few days, but again, didn’t book a trip to the salon when I got back to America, either.

Which brings us to now.  I walk home from work, fortunate as I am to not have to battle traffic after a long day of work.  On my way, I pass a salon called Billion Dollar Brows, and while at first I scoffed a bit, figuring it was another over-priced Beverly Hills business.  Then out of curiosity, I checked out their website, and read that there they specialize in “natural looking,” “not over-plucked” brows.  Part of my eternal reluctance to go get waxed was, along with the pain factor, was the fear of going in with a full set of brows and coming out without any eyebrows.

Fears partly assuaged, I booked an appointment over my lunch break and met with stylist Megan, who masterfully utilitzed wax and tweezers to create a lovely, natural arch of well-groomed hair over my eyes.  Sure my eyes watered and stung as she plucked, the sensative skin around my eyelids not used to such an assault, but in the end it was worth it, as my face instantly felt lighter and my eyes more open.  It’s quite amazing how much of a difference taking off a few hairs will make.