The mocking of birds

by Sandra

Last night, I awoke with a start to the sound of a bird chirping very loudly.  It dazed me, momentarily, as I listened to the twitters and chats as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of night.  And I finally thought to myself…why is a bird chirping so loudly at this time of night?

I lay there, groggy, wondering of Amber was also awakening to the song of our feathered friend in the nearby tree, but the room was quiet and still.  What kind of bird was it, I continued to wonder, listening to its litany of sounds — not a pleasant call, but rather and variance of squawks and buzzes and sirens, as if it were mimicking all the sounds it had heard during the day, now repeating them back to the dark neighborhood.

A mockingbird, I thought finally.  Or wait, a nightingale?  Are mockingbirds even awake at night?  I thought it was funny that earlier in the evening I had met a guy named Jonathan who grew up in Dallas and while we were reminiscing about the area, I told him about White Rock Lake and that to get there you have to go east-bound on Mockingbird Lane.

Funny now that I was listening to that same bird warbling away — a caterwaul, really.

After a few minutes I had had enough.  I stumbled out of bed, and still dressed in my pajamas, I stepped outside as quietly as I could.  I walked a ways down our block of 6th and finally found the tree the little avian aria-ist was sitting in.  Since the tree’s branches were too far up to reach or even jump to reach, I felt down on the ground for stones small enough to throw into the top of the tree.  Our neighbor’s yard proved the perfect place, and feeling glad that it wasn’t broad daylight, I tossed the rock into the tree, hearing it thunk to the ground as it hit a parked car on the way down.  Whoops.  The chriping stilled, and the bird, whatever kind it was, flew across the street to a more hostible home for the night, where it continued its song.

Okay, so maybe I threw rocks at an innocent animal, but the good news in this story is that least I was finally able to go back to sleep.