An Adendum

by Sandra

Well, after my last post, I feel compelled to come up with an update. Last Monday, we had decided to ask our landlord what exactly it was he wanted — to rent this space at market value with new tenants, or to have us stay. Not asking as a way of catching him in some sort of sneaky, passive-aggressive behavior, but just for the benefit of future planning.

I said that I was going to call him, but promptly procrastinated, since really I was frightened — what he really did want us to leave? Where would we go? The potential for bad news was just too great, so I didn’t call.

So Wednesday rolls around and Eliz calls me and asks if I had called our landlord, and I confessed my fear to her, and she said that he had left her a voicemail that she would play for us later when she got home. When we all heard his voicemail, he stated very succinctly and comfortingly that he did indeed want us to stay, even offering to help in whatever way he could because he understood the difficulty we were facing and did not want us to get any more disheartened.

I felt like crying when I heard his message. What an answer to prayer! Not only in that I didn’t have to call him, but that we finally got a straight answer out of him. We are now in the process of actively waiting. Everything that we have tried to push through on our own strength has not worked; we’ve been blocked at every turn. So we are waiting on the Lord, waiting for the right person, the extra money, for whatever he is going to use as provision to see us through.

It’s a hard decision to let go like this. Part of each of us wants to reach out and grab the reigns and try to control the situation, and perhaps to the world it seems like foolishness to sit and not be doing anything to improve our situation. But really, our situation is very good, and even in our uncertainly, we feel a measure of peace in knowing that God is faithful and will indeed continue to provide in this situation.