Route Rapid

by Sandra

Yesterday the Los Angeles city metro system made some changes to their routes and now along Wilshire Blvd. there is a new ultra-rapid line, the 920. Funny thing though, the scads of motorists on the road probably have no clue that any changes have been made.

I still take the 20 line to work though, the slowest line with the dumpiest, ricketiest buses. It still gets me to my destination however, and unlike the 720 or the 920, I can still get a seat instead of having to stand near the driver, bracing my legs and worrying about whether my head will go crashing through the huge windshield if the bus breaks suddenly.

And speaking of bracing for impact, my boss brought up my potential future today with a mere “we’ll have to talk about it later.” I’m not sure how he knew I might be going back to school, since I wasn’t going to tell him anything if I didn’t get in, and for now I’m still (patiently) waiting. It was a conversation that sent a little trickle of ice water down my spine. All sorts of scary words like future and long-term and permanent skipped through my head.

Oh please USC, may your decision arrive quickly, not unlike that brand-new 920 Rapid!