Aye Carumba! (An Update)

by Sandra

Aye carumbra! That is about all I can say right now — aye carumba! Life is currently pulling no punches, but giving it to me fast and dirty. Funny how months and months of placidity can go by and suddenly you feel like you’re in a meat grinder as life churns into something new. It’s like making stew out of the week’s leftovers. Same meat, different form. So sometimes all you can say is aye carumba! and see what falls into the pot.

It’s been a strange few weeks. As things stretch and pull I feel like I am the calm one amidst the storm. This is something of a change from years past. We’ve gotten to almost entirely banish the crazy head mill in this house. I feel appreciated at work, which while not new necessarily, has really made me thankful that I persevered during the hard months, when walking to the bus stop felt more like making my way to the gallows.

And school! Aye carumba! I’m a student again, how strange. Campus is populated by the same co-ed undergraduates and frat boys. Though it feels less like the center of my cultural universe than it used to. Same long lines at the book store, the ID card line. And student loans — yikes. But what a joke these next couple of years will be. I get to prioritize reading and writing? Are you kidding me?! It feels like romper room, not a professional degree path. A very different mindset after having to work and earn a living for so long. It’s a hefty shift, but one that I think I could get used to.

Oh yeah. Aye carumba!