Have You Noticed?

by Sandra

The sky has turned the crispest blue,
The breeze carries with it a hint of something cooler.
Near imperceptible in this mono-climate,
The sun sits in the sky at a slightly lower angle,
Casting slightly longer shadows,
On the leaves, of the trees,
Their skinny little branches,
Bleached nearly white.

The last flush of harvest
A melancholy sets in.
The world set in minor key.
In those longer shadows,
The flight of birds,
The desperate wandering,
The chipping paint,
The desolate house.

Warm sun on the sill,
Cast from behind bubbly glass.
Back and forth,
The rhythm of the rocking chair,
Simple cotton dresses,
Hems coming undone.
That blue sky, disrupted by nothing,
Claims dominion over the earth.
Forever, eternal, undesparing.