intertwining threads

by Sandra

Some morning after reflections:

Wow!  Last night we threw a goodbye party for our house (yes, we’ve finally moved, more on that later).  We set up audio equipment and folding chairs and some food and about eighty of our closest friends came to help us say goodbye, where they listened to musicians and spoken word artists and stand-up comedians and then finished the night dancing to a live DJ.

As far as parties go, it was a great one.  And somewhere during the evening, maybe between snacking on baklava or seeing Chris smoking a pipe in Michelle’s old bedroom or rubbing elbows on the dancefloor with some people I had never met before, I just marveled at what a wonderous thing community is, and how fortunate I am to have lived in a house with roommates who were willing to open up the doors to people who were strangers, who quickly became friends.

Community.  What an amazing thing it is, and I am constantly humbled by the deep connections that can be formed by opening one’s self up to others, whether it’s as simple as a sharing of the home of as deep as a sharing of the heart.  The rewards far outweigh the hassles, the uncomfortabilities.

A couple of weeks ago, at Michelle’s birthday party, she said something about after so many years of priding herself on her independence, she finally decided that she didn’t want to be alone.  After last night’s reminder, I heartily agree.