Spoon: rock-n-roll you can dance to

by Sandra

Have you heard Spoon? Chances are, if you live in a fairly large music market, you have. Their recent radio single, The Underdog, caught my attention because the vocalist sounds JUST LIKE BILLY JOEL. I thought to myself “my, how retro of this radio station to be playing this rockin’ old Billy Joel track,” ’cause we all know that Billy Joel is a total Badass.

However, I soon came to find out that it was really a band called Spoon. Spoon? That name sounds familiar…why? Then I remember where it was I had heard of Spoon the first time. Rewind to summer of 2003, the summer I met Rachel at the production company we both interned for at Warner Brothers. There was another intern there named Andres.

Andres got the gig because he was college roommates with one of Donald Sutherland’s sons, whose older brother was a friend of our boss Marc’s (got all that?). Apparently Andres was the Michigan J. Frog of interns. Before I met him, one of the assistants, K, said they were considering letting him go because he was rather sullen and non-responsive. That was until, again allegedly, I met him, and suddenly he became this really friendly, sociable guy. We soon became attached at the hip, always together fetching coffee/lunch/ice cream for the office’s caffeine/food/sugar cravings.

There were about two weeks that summer that the other assistant, R, suffered from a nasty bout of food poisoning from some sketchy Chinese food she ate in France. The only food she could handle was a glass noodle soup from a Thai restaurant housed in a squatty, gray building on the crest of the Cahuenga Pass. And that’s where I first heard of Spoon, walking up the ramp of the parking garage to Andres’ navy blue Volkswagen bug, on the way to get that glass noddle soup.
“Have you heard of Spoon?” Andres had asked.
“Nope,” came my reply.
Presumably he was referring to the band’s 2002 release, Kill the Moonlight, and once we got into his car, he had the Austin-based band blasting out the windows, into the oppressive heat of that July afternoon in Burbank.

I don’t know why I remember that moment so well. I can’t remember some of the things I did two weeks ago so clearly. It’s a real testament to Spoon’s perseverance that four-and-a-half years later, they’re getting mainstream radio play. Last night I downloaded from iTunes, two of their songs:
I Turn My Camera On, from 2005’s Gimme Fiction
and the more recent Don’t You Evah, from their latest, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

Check ’em if you get a chance. They’re part of an ongoing playlist I’m working on called “rock-n-roll you can dance to,” which include tracks from Muse and Calvin Harris. If you have any other suggestions, send them over!