Five Brians/Bryans I have known

by Sandra

1. Brenhaug is the quiet engineer
Married to Michelle
A good cook from Oregon
But once put artichokes down the disposal
And clogged the drain.

2. Bushway is the blind guitarist
Whose roommate Chase dresses him
In skull and cross-bone bandanas
He pretends he doesn’t realize
But secretly he loves it.

3. Dinse is the FedEx technician
Who lives with Milla
Very picky about his ginger ale
He hurt his back
And spends his days at home.

4. Formhals is the cynical photographer
On a “mission against humanity”
I meet up with him most at Tom Bergin’s
To have beers
The bartender knows him by name.

5. Ivey is the tech guy
A student and a father
He is the grow-up one
Who makes sure his
Motorcycle gear is matching.