Baked in ’08

by Sandra

New page alert!

If you take a glance to the right-hand side of the page, ——–>
You’ll notice a new page called “Baked in ’08.”

In it I will attempt to keep a running tally of all the baked goods churned out this year.
My first entry is the Ginger Molasses cookies from Orangette’s site.

These are super-duper tasty.  Last night when Stephanie came home, she said “when I first came in I though, ‘oh, good smell,’ but as I got further in the house, I thought, ‘oh bad smell.’  Are they burnt?”

No, they’re not burnt, it’s just all the dark, sugary things in the dough, as I had to modify the recipe somewhat based on what I could find.  Surfas only had dark muscovado sugar, while the recipe called for light, and I couldn’t find any molasses (!!) so I had to settle for dark treacle — I’m not sure it made a huge difference overall.  It surely didn’t effect the taste at all.  However, some of the smaller cookies came out a little hard — but the bigger ones are soft and chewy.

I already have several more things in the queue, namely her Yogurt-Lemon cake and some lovely looking chocolate truffles from Smitten Kitchen.
2008 is going to be a very yummy year….