cold feet

by Sandra

This week has been cold! Cold and rainy and not very Southern California-like at all!  Wednesday night I couldn’t manage to get to sleep until four in the morning because my feet had had to sit in my soaking wet socks for six hours of class time. It wasn’t until I got home that I could take those sodden socks off my feet and finally try to get them warm. Thanks to some rather inconvenient genetics, I’m not able to sleep with cold feet, and by the time I had laid in my own bed, in the bedroom that Amber refers to as “the meat locker,” for about an hour, I knew I was going to have to resort to desperate measures for warmth.

As I’m laying there, I remembered a conversation I’d had with my friend Erika several days earlier, several warmer days earlier. I had spent Monday with Erika and a couple of other female friends for “girls day.” The holiday meant that most folks could skip work, though being a student it makes no difference to me, so we decided to celebrate the free day with lunch at a nearby French cafe. Well, I thought what could be more French than making a Lemon Yogurt cake via the wonderful Orangette?

The crumb of the cake was perfect and the lemon just tart enough to take the edge off the sweet.  Simple and maybe rather plain-looking, but don’t let the exterior fool you, it’s what’s on the inside of this one that counts.

So, back to what Erika had to say, and that was a tip on staying warm with a lack of a space heater.  And that was this:   take a long athletic sock, pour uncooked rice into the toe-end and tie the open end off.  Throw the sock into the microwave and voila, warm feet/hands/stomach/neck in seconds!

I took her advice to heart and found, in the absence of a long athletic sock, a draw-string pouch that fit a handful of rice, just enough to warm up my feet and calves so I could finally fall asleep, dreaming of warmer days and more of that citrus-y cake.

(More non-food related blogging coming soon, I promise!)