a price above rubies

by Sandra

(warning, course language ahead)

No more:

Being friends with men in the hopes that I will one day be their girlfriend.
Talking to a guy about his girl problems.
Trying to impress a guy whose priorities are all out of whack.
Thinking that I am “less than” because some dude in a bar doesn’t hit on me.
Feeling devalued because I don’t share “chemistry” with someone I used to.
Pining over a guy who is either unavailable or just plain wrong.

I’m tired of it. It’s not true, it’s not real, and all of you can kiss my ass. I’m tired of believing these lies and I proclaim freedom for myself by sending them straight to hell. I feel to do this is the only way to prepare my own heart for a relationship that has any real basis or lasting potential. To any of those wrong types of dudes reading this — if you come too close I will cut off your balls, ’nuff said. I’m worth more than you think and I know I’d make a damned good girlfriend. Just know that before you approach, and show me your best.