Some random thoughts rattling around my brain at 9:50 on a Sunday night

by Sandra

*I forgot to eat dinner.

*Google Reader is the coolest web application ever.  I no longer have to click through all the pages of my blogroll to see who’s updated their sites.  I subscribe to their RSS feeds and they all show up in one place.  Brilliant.  I’m about two years behind on this front—but brilliant anyway.

*I need a boyfriend.  This point was exacerbated twice last week. The first instance was this incredibly vivid dream I had that featured a rather good-looking guy I’ve met twice before at Bethany’s parties.  Though there was nothing sexual in the dream, per se, we were definitely doing boyfriend/girlfriend type activities.  About half-way through the dream, this fellow was switched out in my mind by another, equally attractive guy from my writing program. When I woke up the next morning, I was left unfairly aroused and lonely. The second instance (see above) occurred when Molly and I were wasting time before seeing Persepolis by checking out Akasha, the new neighborhood café/bar/restaurant.  As we perused the menu that was taped to the window, one of their (again, good-looking) male baristas waved us in for samples of their tasty, mostly-vegan baked goods. It’s Molly’s theory that what made him so attractive was that he basically commanded us to try the lemon bars and cinnamon roles and oatmeal cookies—commanded instead of suggested. A little authority goes a long way, too, ’cause I set up homework camp there on Friday and was well, how should I put this—distracted—for lack of a better term.

*And speaking of homework, I finally hit my stride this week in my fiction class.  I can now say I enjoy it—having just gotten done with writing for two-plus hours straight.  Yes, finally…..

*I’m getting a fat tax return this year.  Canon 5D, come to Mama, baby!

*I think I’m gonna go eat dinner now!