new look

by Sandra

The advent of Daylight Savings Time has coincided, at least in L.A. anyway, with a bout of warm, sunny weather. Welcome to springtime, folks. To observe this passage of time, I thought I’d change up the look of the blog—freshen it up bit. All that darkness was feeling a little dingy, no?

All my content is still here.  The sidebar is now on the left, instead of the right.  The archive and category links are now on the bottom of the page.  Also, I made it easier to subscribe to my feed—the link is on the top-left of the page.  I mention this only because I’m currently enthralled by RSS feeds—they make life so much easier.

Overall, I think the light simplicity is easier to navigate, not to mention read.  I’d like to know which you prefer though—so take a moment and leave a comment if you have even the slightest of opinion.