by Sandra

I must be crazy.

So, I’m down to my last week and a half of no alcohol, and these forty days of abstinence have gone rather well. I haven’t had one drop of alcohol, not even during several visits to Tom Bergin’s and the Kibitz Room and numerous house parties. Nope, my liver can thank me, I’ve been a good girl.

The whole process has been so unexpectedly rewarding that this week I started to consider doing a series of forty-day fasts of the things that tend to dominate my life. Things like Facebook, the Internet in general, sleep, and sugar. Sugar—that’s a big one. I have a hereditary sweet tooth. And in case you didn’t notice, I bake a lot of cake and cookies and other goodies. I bake so much I chronicle my endeavors. To give up sugar would be a major deal. Even for forty days.

And even more so, for six months.

(Cue dramatic organ music; a woman’s scream)

Yep. Six months. Like I said, I must be insane. Actually, not really. I’m not just being a glutton for punishment. See, around the same time as considering more “lents,” I began to think of ways to remember to pray for Michelle while she is in Liberia. From this current lent situation, I’ve learned that depriving myself of something I normally would not even give a second thought to consuming made me more conscientious to pray for people that I would otherwise forget to pray for. And I’ve seen the evidence of this extra prayer in their lives. Because prayer works.

Eventually, these two thoughts met each other and hence the genesis of fasting from sugar the entire time Michelle is on that boat. Until the middle of October. Ugh. I will still bake. I will still document. I am thinking of also giving myself a “free day” on the days that I bake so that I can taste exactly what it is I’m creating. But other than that—no refined sugars. In writing this down and posting it, I give you all the freedom to hold me accountable to this endeavor. Feel free at any time to see how it’s going. I’ll appreciate it.