quickly now

by Sandra

Briefly, before I skee-daddle…so much has been going on! Among them:
Mom is having arrhythmia problems lately and is going in for an “event test” today. Hrm.
Unrelated to such things, I’m headed up to Oregon for a week in June to hang out with the fam and visit Seattle!
The L.A. Times Festival of Books was this weekend and amongst other things, I got to see Julie Andrews and was hit on by an old guy—more on that later.
I’m beginning to question my choice of friends and am feeling as if I’m throwing pearls to swine.
I made an awesome sangria last night.
My hard drive at work crashed last week, and we have no I.T. department, which makes things very difficult.
The semester is ALMOST over, just another couple of pushes.
And on that note, I have to go….