Repertoire Builders

by Sandra

I’ve been falling behind on my food blogging lately.
Been falling behind on a lot of things lately, as I get last-minute work done on these final project—but I’m so close I can taste it. Just another 36 hours to go.

Anyway, a couple weeks back now, I made two things that were not new to me. I’d made them before, last year, as I was just discovering a love for all things baking. As it was, these both came in handy as last-minute recipes and were as crowd pleasing this time around as they were the first time, so in the back pocket of recipes they shall be put, ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice.

The first is the “winning the hearts and minds cake,” or flourless chocolate cake from Orangette.

I bake a lot of things from Orangette’s website. She’s got impecable taste and everything I’ve made from her site has been reliably good. The first time I made this I took it to my old job at the financial services firm and the guys there scarfed it down pretty quickly. One of my bosses, Vladi, had three pieces all on his own, and it’s with this cake that I began to realize there was something to my kitchen talents. This time when I made it, I think I may have taken it out of the oven just a little too soon, as the innermost insides of this were still pretty gooey when we sliced it open at Christina and Steve’s later that night. Oh well, no one complained, so I won’t either.

Second is this great and easy to make banana bread with chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar from Everyone Likes Sandwiches.

banana bread

Okay, this is honestly a joke when it comes to being known as a “breakfast food,” but it’s got bananas AND chocolate—what could be better, except to throw a little peanut butter into the mix? The first time I made this I took the still-warm pan to Ludmilla’s house where were managed to wolf down almost the entire thing as we stood in her kitchen. The chocolate chips just slightly melted and the cinnamon sugar creating a crisp shell on top…are you drooling on your keyboard, yet? Amber recently had a NightLight fund-raising event at our house so I whipped up another batch for the volunteers and guests. I froze the leftover and munched on it the days I was allowed sugar. All I can say is “yum.”