The Northwestern Romp

by Sandra

Back from the Northwest. I must say, I always dread returning to Los Angeles. It’s hard to pull away from the lush greenness of Portland—that literary city, the laid-back populous, the nearness of nature; the coffee. I leave a little piece of my heart in the Hawthorne district every time I go. It will be home one day, it will.

So there’s a lot to blog about this trip. A little too much to cram all into one post. There’s the food, the photographs, the Experience Music Project—which I refer to as Frank Gehry on psychedelics. I’ll blog about each of those individually. But I’ll run through the highlights here. They included:

Seeing Michael’s band, Blue Skies for Black Hearts, play a Kinks tribute show at Mississippi Studios. Portland nightlife is a lot different than L.A.’s. Erik and I got there a little after 10pm, because in L.A., nothing really gets hoping until 11. We were turned away at the door though, because the venue was already at capacity. Yes. At capacity, before 10:30. Unheard of around these parts! I called Michael and he pulled the “they’re with the band” ploy, sweet talking the bartender/proprietor into letting us in. And a good thing he did, ’cause singing the refrain of “Lola” along with a roomful of hot, sweaty people is a transcendent experience, to be sure.

We took a mini-break to Seattle on Saturday. While we were there, we stayed with some family friends, who live with their daughter and son-in-law, who have built a gigantic house in the middle of the woods. It was lovely to stay there. They even have a fireman’s pole to slide down between the second and first floor! Ingenious, I say. While we were there, I managed to get myself shocked by their electric fence while I was visiting with their neighbor’s horses. OUCH! YIKES! Don’t EVER do that, okay? It’s scary and painful and it’s a good thing it was only a minor shock. I was glad no one was around to see, besides the horses, because it was pretty embarrassing. I mean, hello, I KNEW it was electric, yet put my arms down on it anyway—stupid! I’m fine now, just with slightly wounded pride.

It rained almost the entire time we were there. Seattle was interesting. I don’t really care for their downtown area. It doesn’t have to soul of Portland. Its outer areas were nicer, and I wish we’d found them earlier, before our next to last day there. Alas.

More to come, promise!