starting off with a bang

by Sandra

Only four days into being 28 and God is already getting down to brass tacks …

Today, I told a guy I like how I feel about him. Big deal, you might say, but it’s the first time that I was ever that honest with someone. And he didn’t run away. He didn’t say he felt the same way necessarily, either, but he didn’t check his watch and excuse himself from the conversation. In fact he told me that I could have told him months ago and he would have been fine with it, and that was amazing to hear because a big part of my reason for not telling him was due to a fear of a loss of relationship, because we’re friends.

Our interaction today took me a long way in learning how to be more comfortable with my own feelings and more willing to express them, in the face of opposition. Wow, it’s a big relief. I felt relieved after my admission, and I told him because I felt like God was telling me to do it; to learn how to be a more honest person, to be a more integrated, whole person. And it was just like yanking off a Band-aid—much better after it was done.

I love that God loves me enough to want to grow me and to grow me up.