foods on sticks

by Sandra

It’s Friday, let’s end the week on a fun, slightly absurd note, shall we?

I’ve been eating a lot of corndogs this week. One, because they were leftover from the mustache party last weekend, and two, I’ve had about $28 in my bank account until today. So despite their high calorie and cholesterol count, they’ve sustained me since Sunday.

I get to go grocery shopping today though (hooray!), and since my corndog love-affair is coming to an end, I thought I’d give them a fair send-off and make a brief-yet-celebratory list of all the foods I could think of that come on sticks. Please feel free to add something I may have forgotten …

popsicles (and all manner of frozen treats)
candy apples
frozen bananas, covered in chocolate, and sometimes nuts
cotton candy (I know that’s more of a cone)
cocktail weenies

Okay that’s really all I can think of. They’re all horrible for you, aren’t they? But good, good, oh-so-good.