Don Miller hits one out of the ballpark

by Sandra

Did you know that Don Miller gave the closing benediction on the first night of the DNC? I didn’t either, until a couple of days ago.  The prayer was good, if lacking in spontaneity, but I found a video on YouTube of him being interviewed by Christianity Today before he went on-stage that was even better.

How could a conservative, evangelical born-again give his support to the Democratic party? Was that hell that just froze over? Maybe, but really I think Don vocalizes what a lot of Christians of my generation are thinking—why is it automatically assumed that just because one is a believer, that one is also a Republican? Where did that come from? Jesus never aligned himself with a political party, did he? No, he didn’t and I applaud someone as well-known in evangelical circles as Don for finally lifting his hand up and saying “excuse me, let’s talk about this for a minute.” Again, he does it with a lot more eloquence than I ever could.