A post about nothing

by Sandra

I was inspired by Simon today, who himself recently blogged about nothing. And so it is: I don’t have anything I particularly want to write about, but I just wanted to stop by my blog and say hello. I see all those sad, neglected blogs out there, whose authors haven’t published anything in six months. I vow not to let my blog become that blog.

My friend Ernae and I were talking yesterday about productivity, and we both agreed that it’s hard to be really on the ball about everything. In fact, I can only be really diligent about one thing at a time. Right now it’s exercise—which might sound funny, coming from me—but recently I have been very committed to physical activity, spending a lot of time and literal energy on moving. Conversely, I’ve been spending less time on things like blogging, or baking, or any of a myriad other things that could conceivably take up my time. I’ve recently discovered pilates, and working out with my free weights, and going for strenuous hikes. Today I even went with Clee to a class she takes called the Bar Method, which hurt almost more than anything I’ve ever done. I totally believe that when done consistency, that level of intensity would provide results, but I just can’t see myself committing to any more than once a week. I’ll stick to my pilates, thank you very much.

Okay, so I guess this post turned into one about exercise, and how I’ve been spending my time lately, as opposed to a post about nothing.