rejected facebook status updates

by Sandra

Sometimes life does not require long, involved blog posts. Pithy comments will often suffice, and because Facebook allows me to update my “status” by typing in a short, 3rd-person account of what I’m experiencing at that moment, it has become the perfect station from which to broadcast said pithy comments.

The problem then is well, what happens to my blog? Sometimes I just want to say, “hey, my ankle is swollen and I’m icing it,” and I don’t want to get into the whole long story of how that happened, because while I tell the story, I must also convey a deeper level of meaning through the story. I can’t simply have dropped the base of a table on it, I must also have come to some sort of philosophical end and assign it to the act of dropping the table. But there is no greater meaning, I just hurt myself and now my ankle is swollen and black and blue and ugly. ‘Nuff said.

Another problem is that many people who keep updated on the blog lack Facebook accounts and can’t keep track of all my status updates, nor would they perhaps want to. Also, since people have accused me of spending too much time on Facebook, I feel as if I shouldn’t update my status quite so often, so I refrain. So it is in this spirit of restraint and hybridization, that I shall now share some rejected status updates from the past few days:

Sandra is trying to compile a playlist that will explain her perfectly.
Sandra wonders why, when being hit by an automobile is an imminent possibility, one’s first inclination is to stop moving?
Sandra is doing laundry.
Sandra is missing her dad.
Sandra never realized that the Pentagon was in Europe. (that’s an inside joke, btw)
Sandra is tickled that her recent monologue was described as either “splendid” or “spectacular,” she can’t remember which exactly.
Sandra is going to watch Some Like It Hot tonight.

And on and on and on . . . you get the idea.