extracurricular activities

by Sandra

Do you do this? Oftentimes I will make note of a movie or book or writer that a professor mentions in class—you know, to check it out later. But then I don’t actually follow up on it. The information just sits there, useless, in my composition book, with the rest of my notes.

Well, no more. I felt more energetic than usual after class tonight and went through and compiled a list of things I want to check out for further enrichement …

Far Away, by Caryl Churchill
The Palm Beach Story, directed by Preston Sturges
Second Serve, directed by Anthony Page
Landscape of the Body, by John Guare
The Goat: or, Who is Sylvia?, by Edward Albee
Mishima: a Life in Four Chapters, directed by Paul Schrader
Plan B, by Chester Himes
London Fields, by Martin Amis
White Noise, by Don Delillo
Aunt Dan and Lemon, by Wallace Shawn
Fidelity, by Susan Glaspell
Machinal, by Sophie Treadwell
Punch Drunk Love, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
The Dying Animal: Elegy, by Philip Roth
Pennies From Heaven, and The Singing Detective, directed by Dennis Potter
Bamboozled, directed by Spike Lee

Wish me luck, I’m gonna be busy for a while …