I’m roasting beets as we speak

by Sandra

They’re done in forty minutes, and so this blog post will be as well.

I wish I could tell you about everything that’s going on in life right now. But I’m not sure if I should, everything being in flux, and all. I will tell you a few things that are for sure, though: my hair smells like smoke from the fires that are burning in Santa Barbara from the north and Palos Verdes from the south. My clothes smell like garlic from an afternoon of eating Cuban food and drinking mojitos. And the house is filling up with the earthy scent of those aforementioned beets, made on a night of staying home, awaiting the end of Michelle’s seven-month absence from Los Angeles.

What else? Everything’s a big “I don’t know!” as I wait and wait and wait, and I hate waiting for things. Graduation, an over-due paycheck, a hiring freeze, roommate shuffles, a potential relationship status change, an issue with the unemployment office. To all these things I must throw my hands up and say “I don’t know!” I think God’s wanting to show me that I’m not in control of life, and I’m okay with that, except that I’d much rather he at least let me feel as if I’m in control, even a little bit. But no, so instead I wait, and roast beets; and make cookies; and buy shoes; and eat Cuban food; and write. Huzzah.