Why not a tumblr, too?

by Sandra

Is it bad form to keep switching web addresses?

I don’t know, maybe. I feel like I’m that person who changes their phone number or email address every six months. Regardless, my Internet tendencies have changed quite a bit since I started blogging and I’ve started to look at what I put up on the web as ephemeral, temporary, a tiny digital file in a sea of zeroes and ones. Traditional blogging seems a bit stuffy to me these days, and I’ve been feeling like I wanted a change, to see my blog as a casual compendium, a mash-up of text, images, link and quotes from around the Internet or things I come across in my daily life.

Well, Tumblr provides such a service, and I find their interface to be simply, uncomplicated, and fast. Good combo! So, The Sour and the Sweet is moving again. Well, not just moving, but changing altogether. Gone will be the pages, the sidebars, the blog rolls—all the additional accoutrement of this blog. This site will still be up for the foreseeable future, until my stats counter goes to zero.

But if you will do me the favor of updating your links and bookmarks (once again), please go to my new blog, the sapling tumbles, for future updates.