on saving (or the price match challenge of 2010)

by Sandra

I turn 30 this year. My brother turns 35. To mourn the passing of our youth celebrate this momentous occasion, Mom has generously offered to pay for a family trip of our choice, the one ground rule being that we have to go somewhere in the contiguous 48. We’re still not sure yet where we’re going—my French Laundry suggestion was shot down, but Chicago is in the running and Erik said D.C.—but we’re going in October, a month that fits snugly between July and December, our respective birth months.

Mom told me last night that in an effort to make the trip more memorable and to not rely so heavily on credit, she was going to start putting money aside—about 100 dollars a month. I found this quite inspiring. Even though the trip is technically Mom’s treat, why not try to contribute as well?

And so, the Price Match Challenge of 2010 was born!

There is one simple rule to this challenge:  every time I buy a cup of coffee or frozen yogurt, I will set aside the amount I spend for the trip. Additionally, anytime someone asks me if I want to go with them to buy a cup of coffee or frozen yogurt and I do not want to go, I will put the amount I would have spent aside toward the trip. You might wonder if I buy enough coffee or frozen yogurt to make this effort worthwhile … I do.

I will keep a monthly total tally on this here blog, so if you’re interested in keeping tabs, don’t forget to check back. Let the saving being!