New York, New York

by Sandra

The city so nice … well, you know how the rest goes.

Here’s some photos from last week’s trip. I took plenty of color photos as well (as evidenced below), but I dunno, the city seems to look better in black and white. The muted palate helps tone down the overwhelming energy, the glaring lights, the bright colors, the unctuous odors that envelope you like temporary cloaks as you walk down the sidewalk.

This trip took me further afield than 2009’s jaunt. Not to the outer boroughs or anything, but further west and further east and further south than I’ve been. Chelsea, the Bowery, Chinatown, all new territory for me, and all unique in their look and feel. And of course Central Park, which is singular in its scope and ingenuity of design and purpose. Thank you, Frederick Law Olmsted for imagining such a beautiful space and the loving detail with which you brought it to life. I’m sure you never could have conceived the immensity of the city that grew up around your park, but I’m sure you’d be happy to know that it’s still fully intact, over a century later.

Some pretty apartments along the High Line



This apartment building reminded me a little of the Fred and Ginger building in Prague

The Upper East Side and some foreboding clouds


Pretty, eh? Can’t believe this is nestled in the midst of one of the busiest, smelliest cities in the world.

The Dakota