the last year in images

by Sandra

2011 was weird. Weird, man, weird.

I didn’t write a whole lot last year, in any form, either on my novel or on this blog. I wrote plenty at work, but now that’s over and it’s a whole other story shaping up to make 2012 just as wild as 2011, but hopefully, please God, wild in like a fun and exciting way, not in a panic-inducing way …

Anyway, I was right in the middle of writing a lengthy post about it all, but I got sidetracked by my roommates and then I added another several hundred words to my lovely fiction manuscript (we’re cruising at about 85,000 words) and then I started looking at the photography of Jamie Beck, and realized I hadn’t posted a single image last year, so before we get to any words, here are some of my favorite visuals from 2011. Enjoy.

(click on the photos, they get bigger!)